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How to Start a Delivery Service in Ghana

Gone are the days when everyone used to walk to the shop or market to buy something they wanted. Now, you can sit at the comfort of your home, relax, place an order for an item on your phone and have it delivered right at your doorstep.

GPS has increased in popularity over the years. Mobile Money and credit cards have also become more popular. There are always people buying items that need to be delivered and so there is always an opportunity to make money.

Basically, technology has brought a lot of changes to the consumer world and with it a lot of opportunities. One of these opportunities is in the Courier or Delivery Industry.

The courier or delivery business is fast rising in Ghana. It has a low start up capital and is a good way to earn some money on the side or can become a full time business if you work at it.

In this article, i am going to show you how you can set up your own delivery business and start making some money in Ghana or anywhere you may be in the world by just following these 5 steps;

  1. Niche
  2. A Scooter/ Motorbike or Van
  3. A Mobile Phone
  4. Computer
  5. Setting up the Business and Getting Customers

But first, let’s look at the business model (How it Works)

A person purchases an item from an online shop or from home. They opt in for home or office delivery, enter their location and then the delivery guy (your company) is paid to deliver the goods to the location. Simple.

Depending on the weight and size of the goods ordered as well as the location of the customer, the price of delivery can vary.  Make least 5-10 deliveries in a day and in a month you could earn between ¢1500 – ¢3000 (including fuel costs). If you work hard you can make even more.

Now let’s get back to the steps;



This refers to the area or type of delivery service you want to offer. If you have a motorbike or scooter, you should then offer package delivery services and small items. If you have a larger vehicle like a van you can deliver bigger items, which is called a courier service. The most important thing for you to identify is the type of packages or items you want to deliver. They can be breakable or non-breakable, food delivery, personal gifts, checks and money orders, body organs etc. Whichever one you choose make sure to do your research about the industry so you have some knowledge that you can use to secure clients.

A Scooter/Motorbike or Van


Any of the three will do, if you are low on budget i would suggest a scooter. With about GH¢1000 you can purchase a cheap one in Ghana to start. If you don’t have the money and you are serious about this then you should borrow from someone.

Remember that each vehicle has its advantages and disadvantages. With a van for instance you can deliver larger and bigger number of items but your fuel costs will go higher especially if you move in areas where there is a lot of traffic. On the other hand, a motorbike or scooter takes less fuel but limits the size and number of items you can deliver at a go. Choose wisely.

A Mobile Phone


Any mobile phone will do but i would suggest a cheaper one (yam) that has a longer battery life and can easily be replaced in case it is damaged or gets lost. You can also use your android phone or Iphone but do so at your own risk.

A Computer


What for? Well this is going to be the hub of your operations. You will need it to create and manage social media accounts for your company and also to advertise yourself. If you can’t afford a computer, here’s where your mobile phone will come in handy. I am going to show you how you are going to use this later.

Now to the Main Part


First: you need to create a website, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account for your operations. Choose one that has more of the kind of people you want to attract. I will suggest Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Create accounts for these with your company logo and name as well as what your company is about. Make sure to let people know what type(s) of Delivery you do. Also let them know that you are personal and safe and that your rates are reasonable. if you need a simple website at affordable cost, contact us.

Second: Brand your motorbike if you can afford it, if not then do it as soon as you can. By branding i mean have an artist or designers print the logo and name of your company on your vehicle of choice.

Third: Call competitive delivery companies in your area or where you live and find out how much they charge for their services so you can know how much to price your services.

Now how to Get customers;

  1. Facebook Ads: Run ads on Facebook targeted at your Location and audience to attract potential clients.
  2. Call Companies: Call companies, schools and other places that you think would require services and let them know about your company. Offer them good rates and again assure them that their packages will be very well taken care of.
  3. Instagram Ads: Instagram ads are also very effective for getting clients and you can set them together with Facebook ads for as low as ¢5 a day. Which is not a lot considering how many potential clients can see your ads (1000’s)
  4. Family and Friends: Tell your friends about it and ask them to use or suggest your services in case they need a package delivered.
  5. Twitter: Be active on twitter, post pictures of your deliveries and interact with people, your next clients may come from there.
  6. Above all treat all your customers with care and make them feel good because when they do, they will come back and bring more customers.

If you need help with setting up Facebook and Instagram Ads, adsespresso has a good tutorial on it. If you want us to do this for you however then just send us an email

The above are basic guidelines that will get you on your way to setting up your first delivery business. I will not promise you that you are going to become a millionaire or even make money out of this if you do it. What i can tell you however, is that it has worked for a lot of people and i don’t see why it can’t work for you if you are willing to put in hard work and have the desire and drive to do this type of business. Also make sure that you can drive or ride a motorbike, if you can’t, then you may have to employ someone.





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